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This website, is dedicated to reviewing dating sites and apps. As such, it may contain affiliate links which provide us with a commission if you decide to purchase any of the products or services we review on this site.

Affiliate relationships are important for websites like ours because they allow us to keep our content free and up-to-date without having to charge readers for access or subscription fees. However, as an independent reviewer we strive hard not only make sure that all reviews remain unbiased but also ensure that visitors have full disclosure about these affiliations before making any decisions based on what’s written here at

In order for you understand how affiliate marketing works in general and more specifically within the context of this website let me explain some key points:

• We receive compensation from companies whose products/services are featured on our pages; however, no company can buy its way onto our list of recommendations – each product must pass through rigorous testing process conducted by experts who use their experience in online dating industry along with user feedback data collected over time in order determine whether certain product should be recommended or not;

• The amount received per sale varies depending upon the specific program – sometimes it could be just few cents while other times much higher amounts (upwards $100) might be involved; regardless though none of those payments ever influence editorial decision making process when deciding which items should appear prominently across different sections throughout entire platform ;

• Whenever possible commissions earned will go towards maintaining quality standards associated with hosting costs, technical support staff etc so ultimately everyone benefits from participating parties being compensated accordingly ;
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